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Saraswati Puja Celebrations at Jan Seva

Jan Seva joyously celebrated Saraswati Puja, honoring the Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning on February 14, 2024. Both staff and children were filled with excitement, eager to partake in the festivities. Children and teachers from both Udaan and ECCEC adorned the idol with their creative paintings and crafts, involving the entire organization in the puja. Dressed in traditional attire, with little girls in sarees and boys in Kurta Punjabi, the children enthusiastically participated alongside their teachers in the puja rituals. New admissions partook in the cherished Bengali tradition of "hathe khori," symbolizing the commencement of their educational journey. Adult students from various programs, including Computer, Vocational Training, and Adult Literacy, joined in the puja rituals. With offerings of "puspanjali" and devotion during the "Aarati," everyone relished a delicious kichuri lunch together. Blessed by the Goddess, children departed for their homes, while Vice Chairperson Mrs. Shrin Dastur and Board Members Mrs. Sarita Dhir, Mrs. Sheela Adeige, and Mrs. Alpana Kumar graced the occasion with their presence.


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