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Stories from the Heart: Mitula


We love hearing back from our "Forever Families" and here's a heart warming letter we got recently from the Anderson Family.

It's difficult to put into words what SICW means to our family. Not only was it our daughter's home for the first five years of her life, it was also her first FAMILY. I became aware of this as soon as we walked onto the property of SICW upon the finalization of our adoption in November of 2012. From our very first moments we could see how dearly loved she was and how well taken care of she had been.

While it may not be ideal for children to be raised in institutions, there are amazing people all over the world who spend their lives caring for, educating, and nurturing God’s children. They wipe their tears, make sure they are nourished, calm their fears, and give them a place at the family table. The SICW family loved our daughter well! In a bustling city like Kolkata (Calcutta), they made a way for Mitula and her peers to attend a special needs school, receive physical therapy, go on monthly excursions, and most of all... BELONG. There was no denying the fact that Mitula was cherished by the staff, and she cherished them as well.

SICW is so much more than an institution or orphanage... SICW is a home... SICW is a family... and we are forever grateful for that.

Melanie & Todd Anderson / Mitula

Anderson Family

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