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Rabindra Jayanti celebrated with aplomb at SICW

Rabindra Jayanti is an annually celebrated cultural festival, prevalent among the Bengalis around the world, in the remembrance of Rabindranath Tagore's birthday anniversary. It is generally celebrated in the second week of May, in the 25th day of the Bengali month of Baishakh, since Tagore was born on this day of the year 1268 of the Bengali calendar. Every year, numerous cultural programmes & events, such as: Kabipranam – the songs (Rabindra Sangeet), poetries, dances and dramas, written and composed by Tagore, are organised in this particular day, by various schools, colleges & universities of Bengal, and also celebrated by different groups abroad, as a tribute to Tagore and his works. While throughout the globe, Tagore's birth anniversary is largely celebrated, at Shantiniketan, Birbhum in West Bengal, chiefly in Visva-Bharati University, the institution founded by Tagore himself for the cultural, social and educational upliftment of the students as well as the society it is celebrated with fervour.

So the Children of SICW also celebrated this day with aplomb putting up a well choreographed dance in their Sunday best. It was heart-warming to see the Special Needs Children also participating in the festivities.

I guess the pictures tell the rest of the story!

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