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Dr. Andrew Curran on his second visit to Jan Seva

Today we had Dr. Andrew Curran (Paediatric Neurologist) from UK visiting us again at the Mother & Child Clinic. He was accompanied by IICP's Therapist Mr. Arijit Ghosh to give advise and suggestions related to seizure and convulsions for the 10 Special Children with neurological disorder for whom treatment is already being provided.

This was a valuable Learning session for all our Staff who were present including Mrs. Sarita Dhir, Dr. Janak Hartnett, coordinators of both SICW and 'Udaan' school, Special educators and parents of our special children. They interacted with Dr. Curran concentrating on his valuable advise regarding doses and change in medicine, wherever required. He was receptive to all questions asked and patiently saw our tiny-tots in his usual caring and loving manner!

While Dr. Curran loved his cuppa "Chai" (tea) which he is very fond of, all the participants were also served refreshments of hot cups of tea, biscuits and slices of delicious plain cakes.

Below are some pictures from the Interactions.

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