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Celebrating International Women's Day 2018 at Jan Seva

We celebrated International Women's Day in Jan Seva today, by holding a workshop in the auditorium, discussing and creating awareness of Rights which should be recognized and implemented by the mothers of the 'Jan Seva' and 'UDAAN ' creche children.

The CHP (Community Health Project) team enacted a skit, elucidating the injustice done to a woman by depriving her of her basic right to education and how her needs and desires are overlooked, while the man of the house is thoroughly pampered, which is a common social practice in India.

Mrs. Twisha Ganguly made a power point presentation about Gender Policy.

Mrs Sumaya Gupta spoke about the rights of a disabled woman which will give her a life of dignity and respect and emphasized that those rights should be respected by the community.

Special educator, Anupa Dutta spoke about the 10 basic rights of a woman which have been legalized by various Acts which have been enacted - that is, right to equal remuneration; right to maternity leave; right against child marriage; right against sexual harassment; a disabled woman has the right to work too.

It was a healthy interactive session with the audience, where the ladies, who were representing the community got their questions answered by our Staff.

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