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Our Students Excel Undeterred by the Pandemic

The pandemic could not deter the confidence our children: excellent performance in class X and XII results.

As class X and XII results of 2021 were declared, we saw, yet another time, the resilience our children in the face of the pandemic. Even after such hardships and drastic changes in the education system in the last two years their performance in the examination is praise worthy. It gives us immense pleasure to see these children shine in their academic career.

In the last two years education has been one of the worst hit areas due to the pandemic. All schools were closed and decades of education system changed within months. The whole education process shifted to online platform. Our children found it quite difficult to adjust themselves with the changes in the beginning. They had to re-accommodate themselves to the new ways. This sudden change was more challenging for the students of class X and XII. By far it was one of the most important examinations of their educational life. In spite of all their personal as well as other difficulties posed due to the pandemic, they performed excellently and have made us all proud.

We congratulate them on their success and wish them all the luck in future.


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