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Sports Day at Jan Seva

The Jan Seva Sports Day took place on January 19, 2024, involving children from ECCEC and Udaan, along with participation from teachers, caregivers, and office bearers. ECCEC children engaged in activities such as the vegetable race, chocolate race, and balloon race, while also joining Udaan children for integration events like Bidding the bids and Relay race. Likewise, Udaan children took part in Ring Toss, Prop race, Hit the target, and Ball Transfer. Winners received beneficial play items as prizes for their achievements.

The staff thoroughly enjoyed the day, actively participating in events such as lighting candles with a single matchstick and building a pyramid with paper glasses in under 60 seconds. Prize distribution took place for the adult events, and the occasion was graced by Mrs. Shirin Y Dastur, Vice Chairperson, along with Mrs. Sarita Dhir, Mrs. Manisha Brahma, Mrs. Janak Hartnett, and Dr. Sumana Sur, who all encouraged the team for their efforts.


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