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Making a mark as a Leader even with Down Syndrome

Shabnam, a 9 year old was identified with Down Syndrome at our SICW Clinic. She lives in the neighbouring slums with her mother. She was referred to our rehabilitation classes at SICW (Umeed). She has delayed growth and development since early infancy. Her admission at Umeed has given her a new horizon in her life. When she joined SICW she could hardly read or write, and was a very restless child with speech difficulty. Shabnam is very happy and cheerful child and loves to play with her friends and enjoys her evening classes. However, now she has calmed down a lot, and performs any task of her choice, with full concentration. She is very social, enjoys conversing with her teachers, friends and strangers alike and tries to take part in it. She has a dominating character so in any group activity she likes to participate as a leader. She likes to get company of adults and is emotionally attach with them. She likes to dance and expresses herself with her various facial expressions. She doesn’t like any interference in her work. Overall, Shabnam’s social, emotional and academic skills have improved and her mother says she has become more self -sufficient.

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