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A Lesson in Mealtime Management

Today there were special visitors at Jan Seva, Mr. Arijit Ghosh of IICP, along with with two students of the University of Buffalo - Sutanuka Bhattacharya (Phd. program on OT - Occupational Therapy) and Rachel Lynn Schraeder (Master's degree program on OT) who made a presentation on 'Mealtime Management' for our special children and guidance was provided to the care-givers of 'Udaan', SICW and parents, who are involved in feeding them.

The Staff and parents were guided on:

  • what type of food is to be fed;

  • particular times of feeding is maintained;

  • sitting arrangement and place fixed for their feeding;

  • to watch whether the child chews, swallows or spit out the food;

  • whether the family eats together or the child is fed separately and asked for the advantage and disadvantage of both situations;

  • whether the parents and care-givers have been advised or guided earlier, regarding the methods of feeding a special child and whether they have been successful in following them.

  • They were also asked whether the children like to listen to music or watch television or perform other activities while eating their food.

It was an interactive and enlightening program for all, which involved filling out questionnaires and watching a film on 'Mealtime Management' in Bengali, so that it was understood by all who were present.

The Staff also had to share their opinion and give feedback after watching the film!

The students of Buffalo University also physically demonstrated the actual, posture and method of feeding a special child.

A Special thanks to IICP and SICW for providing the parents and staff at Jan Seva the opportunity to learn and comprehend methods of feeding and managing their dear special children while they have their food, everyday.

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