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Awareness Programme on Narcotics

On 2nd December an awareness programme on Narcotics was organised in Jan Seva. The CHP team members - Ms. Susan Pradhan gave a welcome speech in English and Ms. Aditi Mazumdar gave a welcome speech in Bengali.

Mr. D. Ashish made an introduction to the audience present in the session. He gave insights into how drugs and alcohol affects the health of a person. He further discussed the following points-

  • The disadvantages of addiction.

  • A discussion with the audience regarding the various diseases caused due to alcohol consumption and drugs.

  • How family members get affected due to the behaviour of the addicted person.

  • What measures should the family member take to protect the person from being addicted and to lead a better life in the society.

  • Gave first hand examples about the incidents of some hospitals, where the addicted persons are hospitalised.

  • The main aim is to protect the person from being addicted.

  • Finally he shared his phone number with the audience for further communication.

Mr. Shiladitya Sharma introduced himself and shared his experience on addiction and drugs.

  • He spoke about the laws on addiction.

  • He gave suggestion regarding Narcotics.

  • He discussed about the domestic violence faced in the society.

After the discussion about the topics an interaction session was organised, where the participants shared their experience about the problem they face in the society. Such as:

  • Eve Teasing

  • Domestic Violence and other problem they face in their daily life.

After the discussion, Mr. Shiladitya Sharma suggested that it is not necessary to go through the legal procedure on every case. It can also be solved by conducting counselling sessions and giving them support.

The programme was concluded by a member of Inner Wheel Club, Megacity Kolkata and vote of thanks was given by the CHP team.

The program was attended by: 1. Inspector Shiladitya Sharma, Narcotics Department, Kolkata Police, HQ Lalbazar, Kolkata 2. Mr. D. Ashish, Medical BBank on awareness and social counselling on addiction. 3. Members of Inner Wheel Club Megacity, Kolkata 4. Dr. Janak Hartnett (Administrator) 5. Mrs. Twisha Ganguly (Program Coordinator) 6. The members of CHP team : • Susan M Pradhan (Public Health Officer) • Aditi Mazumdar (Documentation Officer) • Sabita Mondal (Field Worker) 7. Crèche Teachers 8. Parents of the Crèche Children 9. Patients of Mother and Child Clinic 10. Students of Adult Education Programmes

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