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Stories of Hope: A little Girl called Urmimala Paul

Urmimala was not able to hold pencil and also couldn't stand without support.

She was very much an introvert at the time of admission. After intervention she was capable of overcoming few challenges. Presently she can write three letter words. She loves to draw pictures. She can walk for 3 minutes independently.

Her parents faced difficulties at the time of mainstreaming in Government school. Janaseva made them aware about the Right to Education Act which helped Urmimala's parents to make a move to Sarba Siksha Abhijan office and as a result of their self advocacy, a Government school got ready to admit Urmimala.

Presently Urmimala loves to go to that school and enjoys the company of her friends. She dreams to become a teacher.

The Government School that she now attends daily along with her younger sister is Kamala High School.

About Her Family:

My name is Lipimala Paul and I am a housewife while my husband Deepak Paul works in a private firm as a Peon-cum-Electrician.

Urmimala is our first born child and she loves her younger sister, Manjima Paul, 3 years of age and gets along very well with her.

After facing lots of trouble trying to get her the same education as all other children receive, we got to know from Chumki, another parent about Jan Seva and life has changed for us. We have always treated Urmimala wIth love and care, even after her sister was born and now knowing that she can go to school, be educated and be treated as an equal by society, is very endearing to us.

Urmimala Paul

Age: 5 years

Disability: Achondroplasia syndrome with mild mental retardation

Admission to Jan Seva: 10 months

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