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Raksha Bandhan Celebrations at Jan Seva

This morning Jan Seva creche children celebrated the festival of "Rakhi" (Raksha Bandhan) to spread the message of Love, Affection, Bond of protection and Brotherhood.

The children participated in making Rakhi with the teacher's, who taught them the simplest method to make them so that the child learns about the festival.

Siblings were selected to celebrate this occasion and then all the creche children were given Rakhi by the Teacher's.The children enjoyed the meaning of this bonding between a brother and a sister. Gifts like Bengali short story books were exchanged between the siblings as the elder brother was given the responsibility to read the story books to his younger sister. This kind of a gift was given in order to encourage the elder child to get into the habit of reading a book and to know how to take care and share a story book between one another.

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