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Celebrating Success: Hope Foundation Felicitation Programme

Hope Foundation recently hosted a heartwarming felicitation programme to honor the remarkable achievements of students who overcame financial challenges to excel in their class 10 and 12 board examinations. This event, held in collaboration with SICW (Social Initiatives for Community Welfare), was a testament to the students' perseverance and the supportive community around them.

Recognizing Achievement Against All Odds

The programme was a celebration of academic excellence and resilience. Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, despite facing numerous hurdles, displayed exceptional determination and diligence in their studies. Among them, Neeti Rajak and Shrabani Das stood out with impressive scores of 84% and 82%, respectively, in their class 10 board exams. The success story continued with other high achievers like Adeba Jahangir, Nidhi Balmiki, Megha Das, Rakshanda Nasir, and Sujata Roy, who also secured commendable results in class 10.

In the class 12 board examinations, Riya Singh, Sunita Das, Sneha Chowdhury, and Meghna Das shone brightly with remarkable scores of 83%, 78%, 75%, and 65% respectively. Akash Rajak and Taniya Kanji also achieved notable marks, showcasing their dedication and academic prowess.

A Moment of Gratitude and Encouragement

Both Hope Foundation and SICW expressed immense pride and joy in recognizing these students' accomplishments. The programme included awarding trophies and other prizes to acknowledge their hard work and academic excellence. This gesture not only celebrated their achievements but also served as a powerful motivator for their continued academic journey.

Community Support and Impact

The students, deeply grateful for the support they received during challenging times, expressed heartfelt thanks to Hope Foundation and SICW for believing in their potential and providing them with the necessary resources and encouragement. This support not only helped them academically but also instilled confidence and a sense of belonging within the community.

Looking Ahead

As these students embark on their future endeavors, the felicitation programme serves as a reminder of what can be achieved through perseverance, dedication, and community support. Hope Foundation and SICW remain committed to nurturing and empowering more students, ensuring they have the opportunities and support needed to realize their dreams.


The Hope Foundation Felicitation Programme was not just an event; it was a celebration of triumph over adversity, determination, and the transformative power of education. It highlighted the importance of recognizing and celebrating academic achievements, regardless of the challenges faced. Congratulations to all the students who were honored, and best wishes for their future endeavors!


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