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Paving their way to a bright future

A group of young girls, belonging to various rural areas of West Bengal, have created a bright and successful future for themselves with the help that has been provided by the Education Sponsorship Programme of SICW. They have created an instance which proves how a little determination and courage can materialize a beautiful future. These girls prove that women are equally capable of supporting their families financially and are an asset to the work force.

All of these were born and brought up in rural areas. They are the first generation in their family to have reached such a height of success. They have completed their education from local government schools, and they wanted to join General Midwifery and Nursing course (GNM). They approached SICW for support in order to join the course. Its a diploma course with a duration of 3.5 years and includes placement option after its completion. They had joined the course in 2018 and have passed out in 2020. After passing out they are currently working in nursing homes and are enlisted for government job placements. They will be joining government hospitals near or around their hometowns. They will be earning a decent salary which is adequate to support themselves and their families.

They are now capable of supporting themselves and their families. They will be able to ease their financial burden. These girls also provided inspiration to other girls, especially the women in their locality and proved that a little determination and support can lead to a successful future even under grave circumstances. We hope more and more families are encouraged to educate their daughters and support their dreams.

We are proud and happy for their achievements and we wish them luck in their future endeavours.


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