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Dr. Andrew Curran visits Jan Seva

Today was a Special Day for our special-needs children of 'Udaan' who got a fantastic oportunity of being assessed by Dr. Andrew Curran (Neuro Pediatrician from UK). This informative, enlightening and interactive meeting in 'Jan Seva' at the Mother & Child Clinic where our team of Doctors, Dr. Mary and Dr. Hartnett headed by Dr. Zarin P. Dadina were present.

Dr. Curran examined 13 special children of 'Udaan' along with their medical history who were accompanied by their parents and our special educators. He gave valuable advice and helpful information about each of the special children and suggested certain changes in medications for some of them to Dr. Mary.

Dr. Curran's visit was organised by our partners IICP to whom we are grateful for their constant support.

Below are more pictures of this wonderful day.

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